Good Night

Last year i only need Water, Oxygen, Food, Mobile, Internet,
Buy now i also need you, my sweetheart,
Good Night My Love.

Good Night

You are my Heart, You are my Soul,
I wish you, Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Undetermined care always keeps us happy,
But requisite care always makes us unhappy.
Good Night my sweet Friend.

Good Night

Friendship is a sign of love,
You are my true friend,
Good Night My Sage.

Nice relationship only need two things,
A True Care,
And a tiny time to be spent with loved ones.
Sweet Dreams My Lovely Friend.

Good Night

Everyone feels good when someone misses you,
And Everyone feels better when someone loves you,
Good Night My Cute Friend.

Sometimes I miss you, but you don’t miss me,
and I always read your Whats app status,
Sometimes you don’t read my Whats app status,
But my whats app status is always for you,
Sweet Dreams. my Ex. Love.


Without you life is boring,
And without you my life is hopeless,
Keep messaging me,
Then, I can sleep calmly,
Sweet Dreams.

Good Night My Love

It is very difficult to find someone who truly loves you,
And I know, you love me a lot.
Take Care.


I wish you today, angels will come to your dream,
Angels will hug you,
Sweet Dream My Love.

I know how beautiful your eyes are,
Keep your eyes shining,
Take Care.

I love you, because You respect me,
You love me because, I care you,
I love you, because you are in my heart,
You love me because, I always message you,
Our love is different, But Real and Funny,
Please come to my dream every day,
Your Funny Lover…

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